​​                                                           Design Resource Receiving and Storage Warehouse                                                                                                   Exclusively To The Design and Build Trade                                                                                             1200 Woodruff Road, Suite A-1   Greenville, SC  29607   

                                           864-373-9924      DesignResourceGallery@gmail.com

We are delighted to offer a Receiving and Storage Facility specific to our design community.  Our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility offers 2 raised dock roll-up doors which allows the carrier to push your furnishings off the truck versus using a fork lift to prevent damages.                                                             
24/7 ADT security and internal security cameras                                                                                                 Hours:   Monday – Thursday  9-4    Friday  9-2 

 RECEIVING PRICING                                                                                                                                               Freight:  $25 per box.  Items less than 1 cubic foot are $15 per box                                                            
There is no storage charge if your items are picked up within 5 calendar days of receipt

 RECEIVING PROCEDURE                                                                                                                                      Monitor the proper unloading of shipment                                                                                                            Sign off on the Bill of Ladings and note if any concerns                                                                                     Notify designer via email or phone that we have received shipment                                                            If  visual exterior damage, will text designer for  instructions. 
If not available, we will photograph the damage, refuse the shipment, note specifics on BOL and email   the designer.   Should you request an in-depth inspection (opening box/crate) add $15 per item.     

NOTE:  Please indicate on your application if you prefer us to open and inspect in all cases of exterior damage.

  After 5 days items will move into Long Term Storage at $2 per square foot per month.

 DELIVERY                                                                                                                                                                     Two experienced furniture movers with a truck are $85 per hour.   They are bonded and insured.         For  long distance, please contact us.  


  For assembly of furniture pricing will vary depending on size and complexity.